Art History

Group Leader: Mary Gilbert
Contact Telephone: 0151-336-4625
Meeting venue: Hallwood
Meeting Date/Time: 2nd Monday of the month at 10:00 am
Maximum Number: 16
Meeting Cost:
Is there a waiting list? No

Format: Very relaxed and simple. We start our meeting with coffee and biscuits until everyone has settled and exchanged pleasantries. At present we are working through the alphabet (for the third time). We each choose a topic related to some form of Art History. Each member is expected to research material appropriate to the chosen letter and speak for a maximum of 5 minutes, with illustrations they may have brought.

Members have proved to be both innovative and inventive. Amazingly, with cryptic minds, we seem to avoid overlapping and repetitions whilst giving amusement and enjoyment. For example the letter C has produced discussions on Chargall, Caravaggio, Cubism, Clouds, Cartoons, Coventry Cathedral, Corbusier, The Coliseum, Constable and Caricatures.